About Us

"Healthy, simple and creative."

GreenRoom brand was founded in December 2012; a healthy, fashionable and trendy, simple and convenient and plenty innovative ideas in tea rejuvenation.

The main color combination of green and white represents a fresh and clean feeling, elegant and vitality, impressive image introduction to younger generation of tea connoisseurs.

idea    Idea

"Healthy, simple and creative."

Health is a basic goal of today's society, the pursuit of health has become one of the lifestyle trend for all; With a healthy mind and body, we will have everything in life. Simple life is a blessing, laying down life pressures, having a bright and open hearts, enjoying a simple life.

Simple and creative life can reduce social pressure and promotes a dynamic, relaxed and happy life.

vision    Vision

Healthy and harmonious society!

A healthy society can bring harmony interpersonal in awaken one's heart, influencing and contributing to the future development of the country. All along, we continue to organize health talks, green activities, spiritual sharing, environmental awareness plans as a platform in achieving a healthy nation.

mission    MIssion

To influence each other the importance of healthy beverage in daily eatery