About Sencha

"Healthy, simple and creative."

As early as the Three Kingdoms era has Sencha  been founded by the “Tea Saint” -  Lu Yu. If  China is the birthplace of Sencha, then Japan is the land of Sencha being improved  with higher technology.

Sencha is a processed green tea, first by fumigation, after it’s dried, will be rolled
in the form of scroll. The tea color is close to the natural fresh green, more of
emerald green, taste sweet, slightly astringent. Drinking Sencha is very easy, with hot water poured into the cup, insert Sencha tea bag and soak 1-2 minutes ,ready to serve.

Sencha is non fermented tea, fresh tea leaves can retain more natural substances, such as nutrients, polyphenols, catechin, chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins and many more. These natural nutritional ingredients can prevent cancer cells growth, lowering cholesterol level, anti aging, reduce high blood pressure effects and enhance body immune system, prevent tooth decay, etc.